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Meet Mrs. Jack

I am Channing Jack, not often confused with Tatum but just in case I have included my picture here. First and most importantly, I have designed a life I love with my husband Adam, two beautiful girls and a sweet baby boy, living in a house that I adore. 

Art has been my passion through my childhood, school, and college career. I noticed and created beautiful spaces everywhere I went. Nothing has changed. 

One can only redecorate your own home so many times. I have reached my limit. So for the last thirteen years I have been designing spaces for clients to love but meant to be lived in. I want to bring my passion and your vision for your space together and create something you will be proud to show off and functional to live in. 

When I am not searching for the lastest in the aisles of Target I find myself remincising that summer I worked as a traveling carnival worker (yep, I was a carnie),  wondering why my parents named me after Carol Channing (true story), and strategizing how to win in the board game of Life (and maybe the real one too). 

Design is my passion that I am so lucky to be my career. I would love to help you create a space that you love or give you inspiration to create one yourself. 

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