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Remodel and New Construction

Let's build together

New Home Construction

How does this work?

I'll be with you the whole way so you're not overwhelmed with all the decisions. If you are building a new home there is a lot of thought, planning, and communication that goes into the project. Working with your general contractor, builder, or architect I can be hired hourly to help you from design concepts to finishes. 

I will walk you through the major steps of construction and design process. Let's chat more about your project!


10 Hours - $600

20 Hours - $1200

30 Hours - $1800

60 Hours - $3600

Need more hours, billed at $60/hr

How many hours will I need?

Good question but that can be tricky. It depends on how much design assistance you need, the size and scale of your project, and the duration of your project. Contact me so we can set up a meeting to help you estimate how many hours to expect based on your needs!

Building and Remodeling

Selecting Finishes

Let me help you make the right selections in your remodel or new build. You already have a large investment in your proejct, you have a good sense of direction but you want to avoid making costly design mistakes. Selecting finishes would fall under my basic consultation investment. Contact me for the scope of your renovation, new build, or an addition. 

Selecting Finishes
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