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Design Consultations

I need a little advice

I need inspiration and direction

(But I will tackle it myself)

Basic Consultation

Furniture Arrangement

I can help analyze your current furniture arrangement and provide solutions for a better arrangement - on the spot!

Quick Selections

When you need help selecting finishes (flooring, backsplash, etc) we will start at your place for a quick overview and head to a showroom to make a selection perfect for your space!  

Color and Wallpaper Consult

I can help you come up with the perfect color palette or wall-coverings for your interior. I will include installation for an additional fee. 

Quick Styling and Solutions

Get help with a tough space with fresh ideas on how to tackle it or quick styling and accessorizing a small space like a bookshelf. 


$120 | 2 hours

Spend up to two hours one on one with me in your home or space to go over all your design questions, concerns, and ideas. 

At the end of the consultation, I will draft up a quick summary via email of what we talked about and any key points. 

Basic Consultation

Mood Boards

Coming Soon

What to expect

 This package will be ideal for the homeowner or commercial client who needs a little extra creative help to finish off any space or generate plans and inspiration for future designing in a space. With the help of a mood board, you will be able to quickly identify the right kind of materials to finish your space, or gain inspiration for that next step.

Mood Boards
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